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Established in 1999, Innovative Benefits Inc (often known as IB [eye bee]) has been providing Private Health Service Plan set up & administration services for businesses of any size.

Since our inception, IB has kept to its roots of supplying a high value, Tax advantaged product with a strong focus on prompt, friendly, professional and personalized service.

Originally established to provide a value added service for the clientele of an employee benefit, insurance and financial planning office, Innovative Benefits has steadily grown over the years providing significant tax savings and reduced health and dental care costs for all of our clients, many who were recommended to us by other professional advisors and various referral partners.

Income Tax and accounting professionals alike have been able to integrate our products and ‎consultative services into their professional practices providing additional value to & further strengthening relationships with their clientele.


As Per ITA 6(1)(a)(i); #2009-0322451E5; paragraph 118.2(2)(q)

• Contributions made by an employer to a PHSP are excluded from the employee’s income.
• Reimbursements made from a PHSP to an employee may be considered a non-taxable employment benefit.
• PHSP contributions are deductible by the employer as business outlays or expenses of the employer. "Amounts contributed to a PHSP are subject to the overall test of reasonableness” (section 67) - for more details regarding reasonableness please contact Innovative Benefits Inc.

We offer 4 customizable plans to ensure there is a program suitable for every type of business entity and corporate structure with employees, regardless of the size of the business or if there is an existing benefit plan.

1. Corporate Cost Plus
2. Executive Cost Plus
3. Health Spending Accounts
4. Proprietorships

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